Consumers for Sensible Energy works on behalf of New England consumers by promoting responsible energy policies that assure adequate energy supplies at fair prices. Our mission is to protect consumers from  unnecessary costs that pipeline and utility companies want to force them to pay.


  • Consumers should not be asked to pay billions to build unnecessary fracked gas pipelines and other unnecessary natural gas infrastructure that won’t lower electricity bills and won’t increase fuel reliability or security.

    • Instead of importing fossil fuels from other states, we should encourage energy efficiency measures that will lower electricity bills right here (more insulation, better windows, energy efficient appliances and light bulbs).

    • Utility companies should be required to invest in upgrades to the grid and infrastructure that will help them deliver electricity more efficiently and at a lower cost.

    • Utilities should be required to fix an estimated 16,000 gas leaks in Massachusetts, which collectively release 10% of the greenhouse gas coming from the Commonwealth. The leaks accounts for an estimated 2.3% of all imported gas, costing consumers millions of dollars.  Yes, we pay for lost gas!

  • We are already too dependent on fossil fuels that harm our environment and this proposed pipeline will just make it harder for Massachusetts to move to more renewable and clean energy sources to produce electricity.

  • Approximately 55%  of the state’s electricity comes from burning gas – four times what it was just 15 years ago. We can't afford to continue putting all of our eggs in one basket which leads to unpredictable energy prices for consumers.