While OPEC Gets All The Attention, The U.S. Quietly Becomes A Net Exporter Of Natural Gas

While all the energy world has sat on pins and needles waiting to see what Wednesday’s OPEC meeting will or won’t bring in the way of an agreement to limit the cartel’s overall production of crude oil, the U.S. domestic oil and gas industry passed a new milestone related to its other key commodity, natural gas.

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2 Major Utilities Backing Pipeline Project Back Out – WBUR

2 Major Utilities Backing Pipeline Project Back OutWBUR

“A proposed natural gas pipeline through southern Massachusetts increasingly looks like a pipe dream. Two major utilities that were supporting the project have now officially backed out of their current contract for the pipeline.”

“‘This does not mean the project is dead,’ Amie O'Hearn, spokesperson for National Grid, said. ‘This means that it is just a setback for the project as far as we are concerned.’"