Consumer group urges citizen action to stop expensive, unneeded, fracked-gas pipelines in Massachusetts

Press Release:

Proposed pipelines to ship fracked gas from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts would increase greenhouse gas emissions, just as the Supreme Judicial Court has mandated the State to cut emissions significantly by 2020, according to Consumers for Sensible Energy, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization.

The Court ruled, in May, that the Commonwealth is not complying with the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act that requires the reduction of greenhouse emissions by 25% from 1990 levels.

The Texas-based pipeline builder, Spectra Energy, has also proposed that Massachusetts consumers be forced to pay a $3 billion pipeline tax to construct the pipelines.

“Unless the state legislature stops it, Massachusetts consumers will be forced to pay $3 billion to build unneeded, dangerous, fracked-gas pipelines that will create more global warming and put us further out of compliance with the law” said Andrew Savitz, Executive Director of Consumers for Sensible Energy.

“While proposing more gas pipelines, the gas companies have failed to fix over 15,000 gas leaks in Massachusetts. In some cities, this leaking gas accounts for over 25% of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Savitz. “To add insult to injury consumers must pay for this lost gas.”

The largest pipeline, Access Northeast, would originate in West Boylston and end up in Braintree.  

Legislators are now considering an energy bill that may include authorization for the pipeline tax and construction of the pipelines.  Consumers for Sensible Energy urges concerned citizens to contact their State Representatives and Senators to urge them to vote no on the pipeline tax.

For more information on the pipeline tax or how to contact your state legislators to stop it, please go