We are working in Connecticut to inform residents and businesses about the proposed pipelines and the current process. Please join us today in stopping a pipeline that we don’t need, we don’t want, and that we shouldn’t have to pay for!

Our energy future is at stake. Decisions are being made right now that will determine the path forward.

The legislature can support amendments to repeal the pipeline tax. 


In order to construct the pipeline, your utility company is asking you and other ratepayers to guarantee the financing of their fracked gas pipeline, exposing you to greater risk, higher rates and bigger bills.

These pipelines will put Connecticut consumers on the hook for the risks and costs of a multi-billion dollar investment with no guarantee that they will ever see a benefit.

Our elected representatives should take steps to ensure that we reduce our overdependence on fossil fuels, that we don’t invest in pipelines that move us further from our emission reduction goals and that consumers are not forced to pay a tax to build new gas pipelines.

The legislature can prohibit the pipeline tax by supporting the relevant amendments.