In order to construct the pipeline, your utility company is asking you and other ratepayers to guarantee the financing of their fracked gas pipeline, exposing you to greater risk, higher rates and bigger bills.

These pipelines will put Connecticut consumers on the hook for the risks and costs of a multi-billion dollar investment with no guarantee that they will ever see a benefit.

Consumers for Sensible Energy

Consumers for Sensible Energy works on behalf of consumers by promoting responsible energy policies that assure adequate energy supplies at fair prices.

We have joined with like-minded organizations (Allies) in their fight against proposed natural gas pipelines because of their impact on consumers. In fact, consumers in the Northeast would get socked twice under these proposals: first, for the cost of construction, and second, for the cost of the gas on the global market…because experts predict the prices of gas at home will rise once gas is being exported to other countries.  The proposals are, in effect, a pipeline tax on monthly electric bills.


Our elected representatives should take steps to ensure that we reduce our overdependence on fossil fuels, that we don’t invest in pipelines that move us further from our emission reduction goals and that consumers are not forced to pay a tax to build new gas pipelines.

Our energy future is at stake. Decisions being made right now that will determine the path forward.

  • The legislature can prohibit the pipeline tax.
  • THE CES: Every three years DEEP is required to update its Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES). The CES guides the governor's office, the legislature and state regulatory bodies in their decisions about energy in the state. The current guidelines "cheaper, cleaner, more reliable and sustainable energy for communities and customers." A draft of the document will be released this fall and there will be opportunities for public comment. 

We are working in Connecticut to inform residents and businesses of Connecticut about the proposed pipelines and the current process. Please join us today in stopping a pipeline that we don’t need, we don’t want, and that we shouldn’t have to pay for!