Making the World Safe for Climate Change?  

Senior officials in the US Energy Department have begun to refer to fracked gas as “freedom gas,” equating its export to the soldiers we sent to Europe in WWII. The Assistant Secretary proclaimed that we are spreading “molecules of freedom.”  And in twisted, demented logic, Professor Will Happer, a doddering White House climate change denier, who should simply retire, said "the demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the Jews under Hitler."  

I doubt WWII veterans would like their service and sacrifice to be compared to the export of fracked gas. And it’s beyond callous, not to mention ignorant, to compare the treatment of “Jews under Hitler” to climate change opponents.  How does that feel to you?    

The “freedom” to which these officials refer is the freedom to pollute. The “demonization” is the overwhelming scientific evidence that carbon contributes to global warming. And the “molecules” they are talking about are, obviously, their own brains. 

We need to do everything we can, at the state and local level, to stop the expansion of fracked gas.  We must stop the spread of pipelines, including the ones being planned here to export gas to Europe, and for which we will be forced to pay.  This is a proud calling and a noble fight. You could say we’re soldiers in the war to liberate ourselves, and the world, from climate change.  

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Onward!  And best wishes for a clean, healthy and safe environment.