Energy Companies are Entitled to their Own Opinions, But not their Own Facts

Energy and pipeline companies continue to claim, falsely, that we need massive new fracked-gas pipelines. Unless we pay them billions to build and run them for the next 40 years, we’ll end up freezing in the dark. Some western MA gas companies have even refused to provide new gas hookups, and other services, until we pony up. 

Putting aside the significant safety issues (numerous investigations into the Merrimack Valley gas catastrophe continue), we don’t need new pipelines because: 

  • Pipelines around here are at about 77%  of capacity, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

  • MA electric and gas companies themselves predict that demand for gas will decline  over the next three years, as reported in the recent MA Statewide Energy Efficiency Plan.

  • Emission reduction and renewable energy mandates will rebalance our energy mix, forcing about 40% of  gas out of MA in the next few years, according to Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. 

The energy companies may be entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.

The legislature will be considering these issues, again soon, and we will be calling on you to help. Stay tuned, and 

Best wishes for a clean, safe and truthful environment.