Gas Industry Making Headlines in 2019 with Pipeline Explosions, Outages and Hazardous Situations

Even as our neighbors in the Merrimack Valley are still recovering from the worst pipeline catastrophe in the US in over a decade, the gas industry continues to make headlines in 2019, with more gas pipeline explosions, gas outages, and other hazardous situations. In just the past four days: 

In Mexico, on January 18, a pipeline explosion killed 89 people, leaving 50 more in the hospital with severe burns. 

In Ohio, on January 21, an Enbridge gas pipeline exploded, destroying two homes and sending fireballs and flames 200 feet high that could be seen over 10 miles away.  Residents had to be evacuated, and two people were injured.  

In Newport, Rhode Island, on January 22, a National Grid gas outage left 7100 without heat during one coldest day in recent memory, and the Newport public schools had to be closed.

And earlier in the month: 

In Paris, on January 12, a gas leak inside a bakery, and the subsequent explosion killed 3 people, including two firefighters, and injured 41 others, at least ten of whom were in critical condition at area hospitals. 

As we’ve said many times before, gas is expensive, it is dirty, and it is dangerous.  Sadly, we are seeing just how dangerous it is. Renewable energy is clean, getting less expensive by the day, and is safe. 

Please help us stop more fracked-gas pipelines in New England.