Leaked Gas May Be Far More Extensive Than Previously Thought

It’s often wrongly assumed that natural gas is “cleaner” than coal or oil as a fuel source. The gas industry has been pushing that blarney for years. But like many of their claims, it’s only partially true and it masks a much larger and more important truth. 

Natural gas burns cleaner than coal or oil.  But when you consider the huge amount of unburned gas that escapes into the atmosphere -  from the estimated 15,000 gas leaks from pipes running under the streets of Massachusetts, to the emissions from fracking fields, compressor stations and interstate pipelines - gas is no better than oil or coal and may be worse. 

Leaked gas - which is 99% methane - is 80 times more powerful than carbon as a greenhouse gas.  The gas industry is not eager to tell this part of the truth. But NPR is, and reported this week that the amount of leaked gas may be far more extensive than previously thought. 

Don’t be fooled by industry spin. Please write your state representative today and urge their support of the Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future (S.2564), especially the provision that would prohibit a pipeline tax on consumers. 

Best wishes for a safe, clean and healthy environment.