Omnibus Energy Bill Passes State Senate Unanimously

Thank you so much for your help, and for the solid victory that we achieved yesterday in the State Senate. Our senators gave us many, many  reasons to be proud, as they passed S.2545, the Omnibus Energy Bill, unanimously.

The bill includes a number of important provisions that would prohibit, and/or eliminate the "need" for natural gas pipelines, including: 

  • a prohibition on pipeline taxes for any new gas pipelines that would provide gas for electric generators;
  • a requirement that the Commonwealth consider alternatives to natural gas before building new pipelines;
  • a provision that gives new authority to localities in the approval of compressor stations, and requires air monitoring near existing stations;
  • a provision that would accelerate the amount of renewable energy in basic electric service from a 1% to a 3% increase annually;  and
  • a requirement that the Commonwealth develop a plan, by 2023, for meeting Global Warming Solutions Act targets for 2030, 2040 an 2050. 

he prohibition on pipeline taxes would be enoug to kill Access Northeast, and prevent similar pipeline proposals in the future.  But the Senate kindly provided a belt and suspenders, two extra pairs of sox, galoshes and an umbrella ... just in case.  Hats off to them! 

Of course, the House must now pass similar provisions, or agree to the Senate's,  and we have our work cut out for us there, over the next month or so. 

But that is for tomorrow. Today, please take the time to pat yourself on the back, and click on this link to thank your state senator.  

Thanks to you, we are now closer to a safe, healthy and clean environment.