New England's Zombie Pipeline

It’s well known that you can’t kill zombies: they’re called the “undead” for a reason. You can use any kind of weapon (my personal favorite is the “flazooka,” a combination flame thrower and bazooka), but just when you think they’re toast, they jump up and come running after you, full speed.

New England has zombie pipelines and one is back with a vengeance.

Last June, ratepayers, environmentalists, public health advocates, and threatened communities throughout New England breathed a huge sigh of relief when Access Northeast - the multi-state, $6.6 Billion, environmental monstrosity of a fracked gas pipeline was put “on hold”.

But guess what?  It’s back.  Undead. (Never dead, actually.) With help from the cold snap and a steady soundtrack of editorials and opinion columns from a variety of outlets, childishly linking local environmentalists to Vladimir Putin, Access Northeast has jumped up again.  

We’re being chased by a 125-mile long zombie pipeline, hell-bent for our wallets, our environment, our quality of life, and our health.  Don’t take it from me.  Here’s the Globe’s Jon Chesto, with news of the rising.

Fortunately, we’ve just been handed a supersonic, zombie pipeline death ray.  The Senate Committee on Global Warming has introduced a bill - S.2302, the Omnibus Energy bill- that would do many great things, including ending our zombie pipelines -- forever.  

The great news is that everyone has a chance to pull the trigger. All you have to do is click here to tell your legislators to vote YES on Senate Bill 2302 that will kill the pipeline – again.