Let’s Not Give Them the Money:  No Pipeline Tax!

The more President Trump pushes to reverse decades of environmental progress, the harder our state and local activists push back.  It’s inspiring and important work.

The MA Sierra Club, Mass Power Forward, Mothers Out Front, the New England Pipeline Awareness Network, and No Fracked Gas in Mass, have scored big wins against Eversource, NGrid, and their international pipeline partner Spectra/Enbridge – all desperate to build natural gas pipelines that we don’t need and can’t afford.

So far, the MA Attorney General, Synapse Energy Economics, and the University of New Hampshire say we don’t need more natural gas.  The MA Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the developers’ greedy plan to impose a $6.6 BILLION pipeline tax on electric ratepayers to build gas pipelines (go figure), and the MA Senate seconded that opinion, voting 39-0 against the scheme.

So, with no need, a huge price tag, a climate change crisis, and opposition coming from many quarters, what’s motivating these companies to keep pushing?

Simple. They want to use our money to export their gas to Europe, where they can get much higher prices than here.

Let’s not give them the money:  No Pipeline Tax!

Read more at https://commonwealthmagazine.org/opinion/exports-explain-interest-in-gas-pipeline/