Please Vote for the Top Chutzpah Moments from Eversource

As New England’s largest electric and natural gas provider, Eversource boasts 3.7 million electric and natural gas customers. It claims to want to be “the best energy company in the nation by 2020,” delivering reliable energy and “top tier financial performance.”

Lately however, Eversource has become much better known for its chutzpah in trying to fleece the public for its extravagant finances and outrageous future plans. The examples are so numerous, we’re asking you to vote for your top three Eversource “Chutzpah” moments.

Please vote for up to three of the following. If you have your own, please write it in. We will publish the results on Friday, November 10th.

  1. Asking ratepayers to bear the $6.6 billion cost of a pipeline to pump fracked gas we don’t need from Pennsylvania.
  2. Withholding gas capacity from pipelines -- even during the polar vortex of 2014 -- causing ratepayers to pay an extra $3.6 billion --  then claiming we need more pipelines to increase capacity.
  3. Asking ratepayers for $821,000 per year to pay dues to business groups that support new pipelines (DPU filings).
  4. Handing retiring CEO, Tom May, a $9.7 million-dollar goodbye kiss, and passing THAT on to ratepayers.
  5. Claiming we need more pipelines while failing to repair thousands of gas leaks for decades, ignoring health and environmental concerns.  And charging ratepayers for the leaked gas!              
  6. Continuing to push for new gas pipelines that we don’t want, don’t need and certainly can’t afford.
  7. Asking ratepayers to pay $4.9 million for the legal costs of proposing a large rate increase – making us pay to get them a rate increase.

Cast your vote by filling out the below.  Thank you!