Paying for Nothing?

How many sneaky ways can Eversource find to charge ratepayers for activities that provide us with no benefits?  Far more than you can imagine.

It’s just come to light that consumers reimburse Eversource for over $800,000, per year, for dues paid to trade associations, many of whom work for fossil fuel interests. Consumers get nothing for that, other than more air pollution and climate change.  We also learned that we paid $4.9 million, for lobbyists and lawyers whose goal is to raise our electric rates!

Another report revealed that New England consumers got whacked for an additional $3.6 billion on their electric bills, when Eversource, and Avangrid — a $31B energy delivery company with operations in 27 states — reserved gas pipeline capacity between 2013-2016 that they didn’t need, never used, and kept from other companies.  Consumers got nothing for this money, other than higher prices.  

While the Attorney General and utility regulators work to get to the bottom of these rip-offs, we need the Legislature to stop it from happening again. CSE is supporting several bills that would stop new gas infrastructure, thus eliminating these and many other questionable practices.

You can help.  Please click here to write your representatives about supporting these bills.  

Best wishes for a healthy, safe and clean environment.

Andy Savitz