The Supreme Judicial Court recently ruled that the pipeline tax is invalid! That’s a huge win for electricity customers.  

In a decision protecting millions of Massachusetts consumers from higher electric bills, the Court ruled that making consumers pay for gas pipelines goes against the letter and spirit of over 80 years of Massachusetts energy law, saying the pipeline tax “would re-expose ratepayers to the types of financial risks from which the Legislature sought to protect them.”

As we have been saying all along, the Court determined that “the gas-fired generating businesses are unwilling to assume the risks associated with long-term gas pipeline capacity contracts” themselves.  Instead, the companies and DPU developed an “unreasonable” scheme to force consumers to assume those risks. 

The Court agreed with all of the basic points that we, and our allies, have been making: these pipelines are not needed, not wanted and at $3 billion to build just one pipeline – not affordable for consumers.

We want to thank you for everything you have been doing to support our efforts to fight the pipeline tax and we will continue the fight because the big utilities and pipeline companies are sure to keep trying.


Consumers for Sensible Energy

Consumers for Sensible Energy works on behalf of consumers by promoting responsible energy policies that assure adequate energy supplies at fair prices.

We have joined with like-minded organizations (Allies) in the fight against the proposed natural gas pipeline in Massachusetts because of their impact on consumers.   In fact, in these proposals consumers would get socked twice: once for the $3 billion cost of construction, and a second time for the cost of the gas on the global market…which experts predict will raise the prices of gas at home, once gas is exported to other countries.  It is, in effect, a pipeline fee on monthly electric bills.

Source: The Recorder

Source: The Recorder


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